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Salt Distributors can meet your needs whether you’re a state DOT or a small contractor we have the products and the abilities to serve you best.

Road Salt

Rock salt used for road deicing is a cost effective and proven way to fight ice and slippery condition. We always have a large inventory available throughout the year. 

Brining Salt

We supply specific brine salt gradations that are listed on the PNS QPL (qualified Product List) for Brine salt. Brine made from salt is an excellent deicing agent. It can be used before a storm event to prevent snow and ice from sticking to the road way, or as a pre-wetting agent to help dry materials stick. It is cost effective to make and easy to use. Many corrosion inhibiting add in products are available.

Delivery and Pickup

We offer delivery services across the northwest. Loads from 30 tons to thousands of tons. We can serve your needs. We also offer pickup at our facility with onsite scaling we can meet you smaller needs as well.

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